A Skyrim follower can be one of the best ways to supplement your adventure in areas where you may be lacking. Because of the different types of followers that exist, you have a huge selection of characters that can act as classes to help you. Some followers focus on offensive damage dealing, while others are good in stealth or magic.

Your Skyrim follower is bound to follow you wherever you go. While some will join you for free, others require money or personal favors before they will befriend you. The housecarl group is available to you only after you become a thane in whatever stronghold you take up residence, which requires you to do personal favors for the Jarl. Other followers can be found in taverns and hired to assist you. Guild followers will become available to you after you finish a certain number of quests for storylines such as the Thieves Guild or the Dark Brotherhood. Finally, some animal companions are available for money or as part of a questline.  All of these options give great choice for followers that match your play style and act as personal friends that speak to you during your long journey.

A Skyrim follower acts as personal shadows that will protect you with their life, and they can also be used as places to store excess items.  Your followers will always equip the best items that you give them, so if you wish to have them use certain kinds of items, just give them whatever you want and take any extra items they may have of that kind. Followers are inclined to equip certain kinds of weapons and items based on personal preference, so if you give them different kinds of items at once, they will automatically equip the best kind of item that they prefer, no matter if another item is better.  For example, follower Aela prefers to wear light armor and use archery, but she will wear heavy armor and use two handed weapons if that is the only thing that she has.

Your Skyrim follower will follow your lead whenever they can. If you are attempting a sneaky takedown, they will sneak and refrain from attacking until they have been personally seen. When you unsheathe your weapon, so will they. Often, if you are using long-range attacks, they will pull out a bow as well. You can also command your followers to do different actions, such as wait in a specific place or activate things in the world. If at any point you decide you no longer require your Skyrim follower’s assistance, you can tell him you wish to part ways and they will return to wherever you originally found him. Your follower will keep any equipment she has, so if she leaves by accident or without your knowledge (as it is with some quests you start in the game) you can easily track them back down and start your journey with them again like nothing happened. Animal companions are slightly different, since they can’t hold any items or be commanded, but the same basics apply.

One important note to remember is that your Skyrim follower cannot be killed by enemies permanently, only temporarily while they regain consciousness. However, you are the only agent that can permanently kill your companion, if you deal the killing blow. So be careful where you aim your weapons or spells. An area-effect spell can easily kill your follower, so if you are a mage and like to cast spells indiscriminately, you may be better off conjuring creatures instead of taking a killable friend with you. These companions also have max levels that they can reach, which mirrors yours until they cannot level any longer. Please see our detailed section on each follower for each character’s max level along with other information on preferred weapons and spells.

Followers are one of the best ways to help you get through tough times, and are great friends to break up the monotony of traveling alone. Not to mention you can marry some potential companions as well. Get out there and find your personal companion before you start your journey and you won’t regret it.

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