By visiting a standing stone in the Elder Scrolls V – Skyrim, you gain abilities relating to that particular stone. You can only hold one stone’s blessing at a time, but can change at any point by visiting another stone.

Here is a short list of where to find all the available standing stones in Skyrim.


The Warrior Stone, The Thief Stone, The Mage Stone

Learn combat skills 20% faster; learn stealth skills 20% faster; learn magic skills 20% faster
Up a path near Anise’s Cabin, southwest of Riverwood; follow selected companion out of the cave and to Riverwood between Main Quest РUnbound and Main Quest РBefore the Storm

The Lover Stone

Learn all skills 15% faster
East of Markarth

The Apprentice Stone

Regenerate Magicka twice as fast, but twice as vulnerable to magic attacks
South of Solitude on an island

The Atronach Stone

Adds 50 points to magicka, absorbs 50% of enemy spells, and a 50% reduction to magicka regeneration
Between Windhelm and Riften; east of Darkwater Crossing

The Lady Stone

Regnerate stamina and health 25% faster
West of Riverwood on a small island

The Lord Stone

Gain 50 points to damage resistance, resist magic by 25%
Southwest of Dawnstone on the northern peak of the mountain

The Ritual Stone

Gain ability to raise a group of corpses to fight for you
Between Whiterun and the Valtheim Towers; east of Whiterun and south of river

The Serpent Stone

Paralyze a target for 5 seconds and do 25 points of damage
Iceberg east of Winterhold and north of Windhelm

The Shadow Stone

Invisibility for 60 seconds
South of Riften on a mountain

The Steed Stone

Adds 100 points to carrying weight and no movement penalty for equipped armor
Northwest of Solitude on the top of the mountain

The Tower Stone

Allows you to unlock one expert or lower level lock once a day
Center of Winterhold on a mountain