Dragon priest statue at Bromjunaar Sanctuary

Long ago, there was a group of powerful Nordic mages that worshipped and served the dragons. These dragon priests were highly skilled, and because of their dedicated service to the dragons of long ago, they were given special masks that signified their powerful positions as the dragons’ personal retainers. The dragon priests died out long ago, but they have been resurrected within their tombs just as the dragons, each crypt scattered across Skyrim.
There are eight dragon priests with eight named masks, one wooden mask at Labyrinthian, and one special mask you receive after collecting all nine and traveling to the Bromjunaar Sanctuary. When you collect the eight named masks and put on the wooden mask at the alter at Labyrinthian, place all eight masks on their respective dragon statues and the last mask will be revealed. You can take whatever masks you want back off of the statues and continue to use them, if you wish.
Here is a list of each dragon mask with the name of the location where the dragon priest is found. Each mask is named after its owner.







Found in Valthume in the Reach, west of Dushnikh Val and east of Cradle Stone Tower
Ability: +40 Heavy Armor

Found in Shearpoint in the Pale, northwest of Whiterun and south of Tumble Arch Pass. This is a dragon mound.
Ability: Improve Lockpicking 20%, Archery 20%, Alchemy 20%

Found Labyrinthian in Hjaalmarch during the College of Winterhold Quest – The Staff of Magnus, south-southwest of Morthal
Ability: +100% Magicka

Found in Skuldofn during the Main Quest -The World-Eater’s Eyrie
Ability: +50 Magicka, Improve Destruction 20%, Restoration 20%

Found in Ragnvald in the Reach, north-northwest of Markarth
Ability: Resist Fire 30%, Resist Frost 30%, Resist Shock 30%

Found in Forelhost in the Rift, south-southwest of Riften
Ability: +70 Stamina

Found in High Gate Ruins in the Pale, directly west of Solitude
Ability: +20 Carry Weight, Improve Prices 20%, Waterbreathing

Found in Volskygge in Haafingar, northwest of Mor Kazgur and north of Deepwood Redoubt
Ability: Improve Conjuration 20%, Illusion 20%, Alteration 20%

Wooden Mask
Found in small burrow alter in Labyrinthian , close to the entrance of Shalidor’s Maze
Ability: None

Note: Put on at the alter to travel to another dimension and Bromjunaar Sanctuary

Found in Bromjunaar Sanctuary in Labyrinthian after collecting all nine other dragon masks
Ability: At low health, activates chance to heal wearer and nearby allies, cast fire cloak, and summon a spectral dragon priest

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